My mission is to celebrate all definitions of love and family while documenting the beauty of every day life. Your home doesn't need to be magazine-worthy and your clothes don't need to match. Let’s get messy, dig in the dirt, paint our faces, play, and have a dance party. Let’s laugh, cry, and everything in between. I strive to create imagery that extends beyond a pretty picture. In a world where the word “authentic” has lost some it’s meaning, it’s less about creating the perfect image, and more about creating the honest one. An ordinary life can be extraordinary. Let's document your family and your children in a way that is true to YOU.

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I take pride in being an advocate and tackle life with a humanity first approach. Likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, fears, I want to hear it all. It’s one of the reasons I love in home sessions. Children (and families) can be comfortable and can be themselves. I believe play can be the foundation of connection: play without the expectation of an end result. Play keeps us young. It builds connection. It keeps us present. I love families who embrace all these things too. Nothing is too boring or mundane. There is magic hiding in ordinary places. I would be honored to capture you and your family just as you in this season of life. Time and memories can be so fleeting. It can slip through our fingers in the blink of an eye. You matter. You exist. You deserve proof of that. Is it an act of rebellion against the standard family photograph? Maybe. Documenting your family and your children to bolster some radical self-love? Absolutely.

"Play without expectation"

"Beauty in imperfection"

Hi! I’m Whitney, lover of color, strong coffee, good music, good wine, podcasts, art, vintage, and the great outdoors. I am an over-planner, over-thinker, and an over-packer. I haven't yet mastered taking only a carry on. My personal style hovers around a solid mix of vintage meets Anthropolgie, a sprinkle of mid-century modern, and a dash of Wes Anderson. Cookie-cutter? Not so much. No matter how hard I try, I haven't been able to embrace all neutrals. There is just too much color in the world. Proudly, I am a member of the finer things club, but don’t get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the beauty of simplicity. When things get a little crazy, breathwork and a little humming can sometimes be all you need. I love to chase the good light, but also know that life happens in the imperfect light too. Chase the light, but embrace the shadow. 

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